Pipeline Dermot Hyde & Tom Hake
The Red Line album cover
The Red Line

Dermot Hyde and Tom Hake’s latest album “The Red Line“ displays all the hallmarks we associate with that typical “pipeline sound“. Once again all the ingredients are there, - highly polished dance-music and songs as well as some terrific moving airs from Ireland, Scotland and Brittany. The listener is again pleasantly surprised by a whole load of brand new tunes and songs he has never heard before. The choice of material is commendable, covering the complete range of sounds from the Celtic world on a wide variety of instruments from uilleann pipes, whistles and flutes to bouzoukis, harps and guitars. The human voice is again well represented in several brand new songs written by Dermot Hyde, at times the voice is employed as a brand new melody instrument in itself!

  1. black magic
  2. rodney’s glory /another day /the big doo /the high levelplay
  3. the sons of ulster
  4. the broken apple /tubby the taxman /ned's breeks
  5. summer in the fields /the berries blue /the exile years
  6. breton air /breton dances /au secoursplay
  7. sweatshops of chicago /the long-legged pigplay
  8. ellis island / salton /keelin's kittens /buntah's nr 2
  9. the red line /lady downie /billy burke's
Pipeline album cover

A milestone in Celtic music, the album “Pipeline“ is filled with vibrant innovative playing which makes a live performance into something sparkling. The album is further enhanced by guest appearances from Uxia, one of Galicia’s finest female singers and by Paddy Kerr, a virtuoso of a bodhrán player who brings with him from the West of Ireland an extraordinary feeling for all that is rhythmic within the Celtic spirit.


"This excellently made album is a music for any lover of the uilleann pipes and whistle, with wonderful playing by Dermot Hyde. Definitely one to have in your collection. Congratulations!"
Paddy Moloney,
The Chieftains, Dublin.

  1. thirteen years / keelin’s returnplay
  2. the fly on the windowsill /nora´s dream / the auld fella / jean´s reelplay
  3. Maria Solina play
  4. the peacock’s feather / lucky lorcan / malin head / the bold man’s wife
  5. adair’s march / cities far away / lament for derryveagh
  6. the trip to skye / the maid on the green / the plains of canada
  7. kisses and kind eyes
  8. pipeline / conor tully´s / the trip to sardinia 
  9. non te namores, neniña / rumba de carcacia / verde gaio / polka de vilagarcia 
Tom on guitar Dermot on whistle Tom on Harp Dermot on pipes

ermot Hyde and Tom Hake understand how to take music to the people. Both men bring with them natural flair laced with an innate ability to touch an audience - an ability born from years of experience on stage and in the theatre. And it is this closeness, this proximity to the listener which is immediately evident on their CD. The two musicians have known each other for several years, but it is only now that they have decided to put down some of their musical ideas on record. Dermot Hyde has composed more than half the music on offer here, including three brand new songs never previously recorded."