Pipeline Dermot Hyde & Tom Hake
"Pipeline´s excellently made album is a must for any lover of the uilleann pipes and whistle, with wonderful playing by Dermot Hyde. Definitely one to have in your collection. Congratulations!"  Paddy Moloney, The Chieftains, Dublin

"Hyde`s compositions draw on the wilder side of Celtic music, and on Balkan and other modal traditions. A Central European sound, heavy on bagpipes and strings, with whirling melodies and shifting rhythms."
The Living Tradition

"If you think this is a simple few tunes, you`d be wrong! Very polished and enjoyable music. A lot of original work, both songs and tunes."
Irish Music Magazine

"Dermot Hyde writes some of the best traditional songs around!"
The Folk Music Directory
"Pipeline are the kind of ambassadors who keep this music alive and kicking. Magic music from two magically musical people!"
Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany

"The Pipeline CD is a recipe for fine entertainment. It`s all good including the sleevenotes!"
The Living Tradition

"Hyde and Hake appear to live and breathe these airs and tunes. They seem to have updated this kind of music, turning its traditional soul into something modern and innovative."
El Correo Gallego, Galicia, Spain


iving on mainland Europe at the moment, Pipeline's live and TV performances over the past short while have included places as varied as Casale Monferrato and Buorgonuovo in Italy, Telc and Prag in the Czech Republic, Vienna and Linz in Austria, as well as Santiago and La Coruña in Spain and Nitra in Slovakia.